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About us

Key areas of work of Special Mechatronic and Robotic Systems Department of Bauman Moscow State Technical University Research Institute of Special Machinery are development and production of light and medium-class special-purpose mobile robotic systems (MRS):

  • remote controlled MRSs with "Radio" and "Cable" operating modes;
  • information and intelligence MRSs for day and night application;
  • special purpose MRSs;
  • remote controlled MRSs intended for application in conditions of chemical and radioactive contamination;
  • various MRSs attachments and accessories.

In addition, the department is developing various complex electromechanical products and control systems:

  • specialized manipulators;
  • MRSs and other devices microprocessor control systems;
  • MRSs gyro stabilized systems;
  • gyro stabilized drives for cameras and other devices;
  • digital control units for brushed and brushless DC motors.

Department members together with customers’ representatives implement robotic tools into customers’ fields of action; perform technical support, give after-sales service.

The department has a long history of successful development and implementation of pilot and production samples of MRSs designed to work in a variety of emergencies.

Among them – systems developed by Bauman MSTU RISM:
"MRS-25 Grasshopper", "MRS-27", "MRS-Varan", "ATV", "Cobra-1600", “Tornado", “Wild Boar” "Mongoose", "Gnome".

For long years of work a professional team has been set up in the department, capable to solve complex tasks of mobile robotic systems development, production and implementation on the level of the world’s best robotics patterns.

The department has close links with a number of Russian industrial enterprises, where in 2002-2011 have produced more than 150 mobile robotic systems that are in using in Russia and abroad.


Head of department: Kudryashov Vladimir Borisovitch
Phone/fax: +7(499) 367-01-18
E-mail: mail@mail.robotmobot.ru

Products gallery

Cobra1600 Wildboar Mongoose
Cobra-1600 Wild Boar Mongoose
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